• Gerry T.

Secret of my success

Canadian Traveller Magazine recently nominated me and wrote a brief article ( link below ) in a special top 40 under 40 magazine ( ouf..i turned 40 just in time ! ). It was a real honour and quite a humbling experience.

It got me thinking. Why did i make it on this list?

My SkyHighCV team is the answer.

Natasha, Tammy, Thomas and Irene; a very sincere thank you to all 4 of you. I learn a lot from you. You all bring different qualities to the team (you know who you are):

1- One of you has improved my organizational skills. I improved systems and processes that fuel our growth.

2- A second has strengthened my confidence and supported the belief in the success of SkyHighCV.

3- Another one of you has infused some creativity into my thinking. What a way to open the doors to more opportunity !

4- I am also very grateful to one of you for your amazing work ethic. Your dedication is an essential part of our success.

Thanks Team,

Here is the article: https://www.canadiantraveller.net/magazines.php

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