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5 reasons to work in the Travel Industry

The travel industry is one of those well-guarded secrets in the job market. Many professionals may not feel like making the jump is worth it. The list below names just a few reasons why choosing a career in the travel industry can be exactly what you’ve been searching for.

1.  Live your Passion

You’ve probably heard it before: "Once you get the travel bug, it doesn’t let you go." There is something about tasting new destinations that keeps us always seeking that new adventure.  

By working in the industry, you get to connect with peers and clients with the same enthusiasm for travel. Furthermore, in this digital world there are also many opportunities to expand your outreach and engage with communities of travel lovers.

The travel industry offers many ways to live your passion by inspiring your clients and crafting memorable experiences for them.

2.  Travel in More Ways Than One

Choosing a career in the travel industry allows you to quench your thirst for new destinations in unique ways.

Visiting new destinations can be incredible and eye-opening experiences. Many job opportunities allow you to cumulate exotic travel experiences, from local to luxury.

But you don’t always have to be travelling literally. The diversity of jobs in the travel industry is never-ending. Many jobs allow you to explore the world through client destinations. Advising people on the beautiful places to visit is a great way to develop deep knowledge of countries and cultures, in addition to being immensely satisfying.

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3.  Great Benefits and Perks

Jobs in the travel industry offer tangible benefits for professionals. Compensation is very competitive, with opportunities to make commission in addition to a generous base salary.

As a travel industry professional, you may even have access to personal and family discounts for your own adventures. Imagine if that trip to Honolulu would have been even just 25% lower?

Organizations in the industry offer their employees flexible hours outside of the boring 9 to 5, others offer regular schedules. There are no shortage of options. This means you have the opportunity to seek out what works best for you.

4.  Specialized Skills Welcome

Disruption and new ways of working are changing what skills we need to thrive in our organizations.

Things are no different in the travel industry. Unique and specialized skills in areas like IT or big data are more and more in demand.

If you have ever felt under-utilized in past jobs, this is a great opportunity to bring all of your skills to the table.

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5.  Fast-Growing Opportunities

While some think the travel and tourism sector is dying, others are seizing the growing opportunities this sector has to offer.

The travel industry is growing and evolving through the use of technology. Travel apps, like Airbnb, are perfect examples of how the travel industry is finding ways to grow and reinvent itself.

These are just a few reasons why we consider the travel industry as being seriously underrated.

Are you thinking about taking the plunge in the travel industry? Are you already a seasoned travel industry professional and seeking a new adventure? Feel free to explore our available jobs HERE.

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